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Rebs (Durham)

speechI support iswapbooks for their efforts to promote environmental sustainability, I think it is a great system for the communityspeech

24th February 2009

Robin (Durham)

speechBrilliant website!speech

24th February 2009

Tom (Durham)

speechFantastic idea, so simple too. I listed three books literally within minutesspeech

26th February 2009

Chris (St George's Hospital Medical School)

speechNovel, easy to use, recession busting website. Highly recommended!speech

2nd March 2009

Michael (Durham)

speechA great way to sell books! I registered and listed seven books in less than five minutes..... I'll be spreading the word!speech

12th May 2009

James (Durham)

speechReally helpful and easy to use site. Just successfully bought a book!speech

24th June 2009

Connor (Warwick)

speechGreat idea and an Impressive website! Nice one!speech

11th July 2009

David (York)

speechA website that has been needed for ages. Brilliant!speech

5th August 2009

Vikas (Exeter)

speechFantastic website!! Easy to navigate, and provides a platform which most of the students like us were looking for a long time. Thanks iSwapBooksspeech

7th August 2009

Tom (Nottingham)

speechGreat Website. Very easy to navigate around and use. Def. recommend it!speech

26th September 2009

Danielle (Liverpool)

speechGreat website. Very easy to use. I can finally get rid of my old books!speech

5th October 2009

Sergio (Newcastle)

speechNice deals ! I have sold and bought some books. No need to go to bookshops.speech

5th October 2009

laxmi (London)

speechVery easy to use. i uploaded 7 books within minutes. :)speech

11th October 2009

Aleksandr (Loughborough)

speechAmazing web page, it has helped me buy several books for very low prices compared to the prices charged by the University shop! Thanksspeech

19th October 2009

Lynn (East Anglia)

speechGreat site!speech

21st October 2009

philip (Oxford)

speechA bit of a newby but it is a nice way to save some money. I am studying law at oxford, so i am a bit skint.speech

17th November 2009

Neil (Southampton)

speechThis is a fantastic website. It is a brilliant way to sell books.speech

16th March 2010

Chuan (London)

speechAmazing sight, great service! Helped me get in touch with the books that I need! Thanks!speech

30th September 2010

Peter (Edinburgh)

speechFantastic idea.speech

24th October 2010

luqman (Central Lancashire)

speechGood Website :)speech

3rd November 2010

Payal (Bristol)

speechReally useful site, thanks.speech

18th November 2010

Jehanzeb (London)

speechExcellent website and very useful for the students.speech

15th January 2011

Xueting (Exeter)

speechiSwapBooks rocks! Absolutely user-friendly!speech

31st January 2011

Amar (City University)

speechGreat site and easy to use. Best thing too is it's free!speech

10th February 2011


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