Help and FAQ

Q1: Do I Need to Register to Use the Website?

You must be a member to buy and sell books on the site but you can look at the books being sold without becoming a member. Membership is a very easy process and only involves filling out some very basic details.

Q2: What is the ISBN number and where do I find it?

It is usually found on the back of the book above the barcode. When you type it in on the site, just list the numbers and ignore any dashes there maybe between numbers.


Q3: I Found One of the Books I Wanted But it is Listed on Another Network, is it Possible to Buy it?

It is possible to buy a book that is listed on a different network but only if the seller has checked the 'Willing to Post box'. If the seller has indeed checked this box then you can make an offer as per normal and negotiate until you agree on a fee. Then you and the seller can arrange a fee for the postage and arrange how this money will be paid.

Q4: My University does not seem to be one of the Networks Currently Available. How do I Join the Site?

In some cases your University may actually be one of the Networks currently available. For example, the Oxford network includes Oxford University and Oxford Brookes University. The same goes for numerous other networks, as in most cases there is more than one University in a town or city. We have designed the site this way to increase the number of transactions taking place within each network, therefore hopefully saving more money for students. However, if your network is not on the list (e.g. Glasgow amongst others), go to the 'Contact Us' tab and then fill in your name, email address and write in the message box which University you are part of. We will add the new Network within 24 hours.

Q5: Where do you Recommend we Meet to Exchange the Money and Book?

We recommend that you meet in a public space that is convenient for both parties such as outside a certain lecture block or in the foyer of the University library.

Q6: When I listed my book, the system was not able to find a picture. Can I add one manually?

Our team will try and do this for you but you can do it yourself. Go to 'My Books' and click on 'Edit' for the book that lacks a picture. On this page, you will find a white box classified as 'Picture'. We would then advise you to type into Google Images the title of the book and then select the correct image. Once you are happy with it, right-click on the image and 'Copy Image URL' if you use Google Chrome explorer. However, if you use Internet Explorer, right click and then click on properties. When this box appears, highlight the URL and copy this. Then go back to the white box classified as 'Picture' and right-click and paste the URL. It is far easier than it sounds!! Please email us if you are struggling and we will do it for you.


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